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Ocean Temperatures Offer Clues to Crop Season Weather

Posted on March 6th, by Administrator in Uncategorized. Comments Off on Ocean Temperatures Offer Clues to Crop Season Weather

AG Web published an interesting article dissecting the current ocean temperatures’ potential effects on this year’s growing season. If current ocean temperatures persist and expand (Pacific moving to a warm phase and Atlantic moving toward a cold phase), “risk analysis would indicate that drought frequency across the entire Corn Belt would decrease. However, if the eastern Atlantic cold pocket disappears, drought frequency would increase dramatically across a substantial portion of the U.S. Corn Belt. Please remember that these relationships do not mean that the event is likely to occur, only that the odds of the event are more or less favorable depending on the phase of each ocean basin.” We’ll have to keep a watch on it for any early indications of drought.

To read the entire article visit: Ag Web Ocean Temperatures 

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