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Sometimes You’ve Just Got to Plow Through!

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In 2013 we deep tilled a strip of dry land that hadn’t been turned over in years. That strip made about double the wheat yield in 2014. Based on that evidence, we decided that several fields could benefit from a good soil churning, and this was the year to do it. Typically farmers avoid plowing because it has the potential to dry out the ground and because they don’t have the equipment to do it. However, this past June and July we received good soaking rains that replenished the soil moisture, which made this year a good candidate for plowing. After we plowed, we used the finisher and packers to ridge the ground so that it wouldn’t blow. As you can see from the pictures, we turned up really nice black soil. We’re excited to see how this translates into next year’s dry land wheat crop.


August 1, 2014. Two plows at work!

photo 4

Turning up deep untouched soil.

photo 3

The plows were hooked up to our CAT Challenger tractors. These tractors have the horsepower to do the job, unlike tractors of previous decades.

photo 2

Plowing 15″ deep!

August 1st, 2014

After plowing, finishing and packing.

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